16 Feb 2018

Please stop lying to yourselves...

It's not movies.

It's not video games.

It's not the family unit.

It's not whether you listen to fairytales in church.

It's not even drugs.

It's the guns. It's always been the guns.
You made your choice. You love your guns more. That's all it is.


  1. Pretty well sums it up. Our politicians will some day figure out
    the gun nut population is loud, but a fraction of the population.
    Unless, as the experts warn, we have turned into an authoritarian
    form of government. Unless, our far right fails to realize they
    have played into the hands of the Russian KGB. Unless our far right
    prefers their 'news' to what they term 'fake news'. Our politicians
    are failing us and leadership is being supplanted by demagoguery
    For now, sanity is in short supply.

    1. Interesting you mention the 'fraction of the population' thing, BB, because I was reading today that gun ownership has become more concentrated. 3% of the population having half the weapons. Otherwise gun ownership has declined per household since the early 1970s.