19 Oct 2017

It's never THEIR fault, somehow.

Donald Douglas, quite astonishingly homophobic Right wing blogger in the US and (crackpot) political scientist. who professes not to be a neo-Nazi, regarding elections in Austria (which is a beautiful country by the way):

"Kurz himself is a former neo-Nazi, according to Sunday's report at the New York Times. I don't care for anyone with that kind of background and I denounce them. But I think it's just deserts for the radical left, who opened up Europe to the Muslim invasion, and thus opened up the European democracies to a resurgence of nativist, even racist, political parties."

Douglas corrects himself and says it was not this person Kurz he should have been talking about, but regardless... note the self-contradictions:

Happy to see a country vote in neo-Nazis just to spite non-violent people he disagrees with, and then parrot neo-Nazi views to characterise why he disagrees with those people.
Yeah the nativist, even racist political parties are getting traction... but don't sound off on them, oh no... just blame anti-fascists for fascism.
If you're a Right winger but profess not to be a Nazi, then OWN that side of politics. Don't blame the Left for the putrid offerings on YOUR side of the fence.

This the kind of assholery that would blame black people for the KKK.


  1. Since I'm sure Daffy Don would consider me a member of the radical left, I have to wonder what desert I'm getting since it's just that. Glad to see his spelling hasn't gotten any better. My favorite was when the sanctimonious asshole spelled pastor as paster. Good decision not to link to him, you'd have him here stinking up your blog.

    Haven't been there in a long time. Last time I went he had the weirdest collection of posts. Video clip of a weatherlady, bunch of ads for Amazon, the usual T and A and lists of music he heard on his way to work. I'm sure he has a wonderful collection of his belly button lint and possibly the bodies of missing hitchhikers.

    1. His homophobia is sick. On a recent post there he has this "Boy, society's all messed up. Everybody's gay, for one thing." Everybody Donald? He referred to some sick immigrants as "diseased aliens". I get the weathergirl thing as being a way of attracting people to his blog but that would appear to mean he only wants panting adolescent boys. Unless they're gay of course.