6 Jan 2017

Surfing the internet because it's bloody hot outside

"Last year was the hottest year on record by a wide margin, with temperatures creeping close to a ceiling set by almost 200 nations for limiting global warming, the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service has said.
The data are the first of the New Year to confirm many projections that 2016 will exceed 2015 as the warmest since reliable records began in the 19th century, the Copernicus organisation said in a report."

Nothing to see here... move along... keep using dirty energy sources it makes someone rich...

"Hottest year on record recorded in Sydney."

Yes, yes, alright... They have air-con there don't they? Only a small part of the country.

Just scientists and people who hate Jesus wanting to make money, somehow.... Pay no attention.

And not necessarily connected, just unusual, from the middle of the desert:

"Alice Springs police officers swim through flood waters to rescue two stranded tourists"

Australian cops... don't have time to shoot kids with toy guns.

oh pretty...! waterfalls off Uluru. Happens once in... well, practically never... but it has happened before:

Still the most beautiful country.

So say us all:

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