31 Jan 2017

History only repeats if you let it


  1. I understand you have some bad hombres in Australia. If he could find it on a map Trump might send in troops.

    1. Yes the Woolloomooloo under 13s girls netball team are said to be a pretty tough bunch of young ladies but we've got it under control, thanks.

  2. They're probably tough enough to scare Trump.

  3. Just an update; the US continues to self destruct, as the lunatic
    fringe cheers things on.

    1. Yes I'm watching.
      So are the North Koreans - on Facebook.

      "and what happened to the National Security Advisor?" "oh he had a bit of a illegal maybe treasonous thing happening with some Russians and then lied about it..."

      But just to prove that not all problems are Trump-made:

      "Chaos at Toshiba: Chairman resigns, bankruptcy looms
      The company saying it would mark a $6.3 billion loss related to its U.S. nuclear business."

      I have to go to bed in a minute but what the heck will happen by the time I wake up?

  4. The speed and ease in which tyranny and an autocratic government can take hold in a nation is nothing short of terrifying.

    The speed and ease in which people moronically accept tyranny and autocracy defies the simplicity of the word "terrifying."

    One can often expect such an almost seamless change of decency and leadership in a small nation, or one with a history of coups, etc.

    However; as a citizen of the nation in which this is occurring; to watch the decline take place, step, by step, in such a deceptive and almost seamless manner is not only wildly fascinating, simply as a story of such historical proportions, it's so utterly baffling that, regardless of one's master of eloquence, fact, or observation, it still remains absolutely inexplicable, incomprehensible, that such a complete moron, tyrant, and openly anti-humane individual can supersede a predecessor such as Obama.

    These are the very acts for which terms such as "it's beyond words", there are no words to describe this" were developed. For there indeed are no words that can fully explain the terror this is presenting the world.