7 Jan 2017

Evil imitates art?

Found on the facebook site DeadState who found it via someone else etc...

As I recall the photo description from elsewhere this is US Republicans laughing about their plans to repeal the Affordable Health Care act without which thousands of their countrymen will die of entirely preventable causes:


  1. You have to at least give Dr. Evil credit for being forthright.

    1. No that's probably just down to having three testicles.

  2. IMO, there are a fair number of the US electorate that would have cast ballots for Dr. Evil, such is the Orwellian state of affairs

    1. I'm sure many people there who found the belligerence explicit in Trump's rhetoric affirming.

  3. I'm always impressed with the likeable Australian visitor. But there are exceptions. Would you please take this aberrant lad
    back? I'm pretty sure you don't want him either, so how about getting him a job up in New Britain, maybe counting trees?

    1. He he he... oh dear...
      What can I say? Another case of why I have a problem with institutional religion.
      "I have firmly believed God saved my life for a particular purpose" he says... Oh how many times I have heard that and what is he then saying about the people who aren't with us anymore?
      They weren't worthy huh?
      The self-importance isn't inspiring.

      When I was his age I was in love with another country too, and still am. It's not a zero sum, there-is-good-so-there-is-not thing.

      I'm happy for him that he is happy where he is.
      But when he says something like "After freedom, inspiration is America’s greatest export" I would politely request that he go fuck himself.
      No country, no set of borders, no flag, no anthem... owns what is best in humanity and what every decent person is due. Those things will go on after these continents are known by other names and those who will dwell here talk of other allegiances. We're all just passing through history, in lands so ancient they might as well be timeless. I find that comforting. The religious tend to find it frightening.

      I'd also observe that he sounds pretty needy for the rugged individualist he seems to think he is.
      Maybe he saw a spider once, the poor thing.