7 Jun 2016

The tobacco industry doesn't want you to smoke

No really... there is apparently some US lobbyist ad on Youtube aimed at plain packaging laws for cigarettes, addressing the experience in Australia.
Aside from featuring a reportedly preposterous fake accent (a great guide to the authenticity of the information in the ad), it claims smoking increased after the introduction of the laws and therefore said laws don't work*.

Aren't you glad the Tobacco industry is fighting these laws that let them sell more cigarettes...
and that they cheerfully spend so much money on lobbyists to actually reduce their own profits?

I personally would ask a few relatives of mine who did smoke to write here about the benefits of sticking a collection of damaging substances in your mouth and setting it on fire...
Except they're all dead.

Sorry about that.

 *after a while... you do get tired of hearing greedy twerps and lunatic wankers telling you your laws don't work when it's fucking obvious - especially when you actually live here - that they DO work, and even Australians wouldn't keep laws if they had reverse outcomes


  1. I couldn't find the one you mentioned, Magpie. This one seems to disagree with the tobacco shill.

    1. Thanks for that Kevin.

      The one I mean is here:

      I just watched it - terrible voice acting.

  2. It has to be fake Australian...I can actually understand the voice over. Our small mountain community was home to an Aussie lass, a TV sports announcer, who talked
    extremely fast and definitely not Idaho dialect. Like most of the local staff, she moved up and on and now works in Seattle, won an
    Emmy and started her own business and married an American named Hogan. A few years after she left, I sent her an e-mail, congratulating her on her new career and complained that the several
    other new sports announcers simply could not pronounce 'cougar' in
    Australian. My wife and I used to laugh every time she said it (the
    mascot of a nearby University) because it sounded nothing like 'cougar' in American English. I don't like cigarettes, but admit
    to being a pipe smoker for the last 60 years. In the US, you can carry a loaded weapon nearly anywhere, but not smoke a pipe in most places, such are the vagaries of practiced law.

    1. I reckon you could understand me pretty well.
      But then my accent vanishes depending on where I am. When I was working in a mostly American team overseas once I alluded to something back home one day and a woman I’d been working with for months said “wait on... you mean you’re Australian?”
      “but you sound so clear... I mean... (embarrassed) you sound American – every now and again I heard something a bit different but...”
      “well I’ll take that as a complement”.
      Although I shoot my mouth off here I’m good at being low key and blending in and maybe I unconsciously shift gears.

  3. Thanks, Magpie. I'm in awe of your search skills.

    Figures don't lie, but liars figure. Listening to this clip, I believe there is lying going on at both ends of the equation, tho.

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