2 Jun 2016

The first broken promise

Actually being in the election...

"The right-wing United Patriots Front (UPF) has failed to deliver on a promise to register a political party for next month's federal election."

Too much like real work, eh?

"The group also calls for changes to the public education curriculum "to re-initiate an education for the development and strengthening of the Nation" "

You know... I'm sure I saw a bit of that in The Sound of Music. You could shorten that to 're-education' too.... People have heard of that before.

"...and federal indictments for conspiracy and treason for all media outlets "suspected of undermining and deconstructing the Australian Nationality". "

Blinky Bill will be just fine without ending freedom of the press, guys...

Look here he is:

Like the rest of us he has got along just fine, for generations, without your garbo truck politics.

Just go have a nice cup of tea and settle down.


  1. I had to go look up Blinky Bill and absolutely love him. We could use a Blinky Bill here. I see he has a teacher, Miss Magpie. Is that any relation?

    1. Dunno if she’s a relation but then who keeps track of ALL their relations...

      Once upon a time the rest of the world was very far away.
      You could skip stones across the billabong and have a BBQs, beer and listen to the sport and enjoy the sunshine.

      And you still can. It’s just that technology and media have made the outside noise impossible to ignore. The funny looking people from far away are now impossible to ignore.

      For some of us the world is a complex place and always was. For others – like the UPF and similar – it is literally blood simple. There’d be a cohort of wacky ideologues and thugs looking for a name – but others are just simple people who need a simple explanation - and for life to be just like Blinky Bill again.