7 Feb 2016


Jeb!'s neither here nor there: "Congress has changed the laws and I think where we stand is the appropriate place.”
Rubio says it's not appropriate to talk about whether your country tortures people.
Cruz says it's not torture.
And Trump says he'd “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding”

So... in order:
mealy mouthed diminishment, outright evasion, denial, and psychotic sadism.

And the circus of the damned goes on.


  1. The reality you live under is amazing in its lack of facts. Do you think the Allies in WW II did not torture its enemies to get information?

    1. If you're already assuming then... why ask me?
      I know they tortured some people to get information. I know that it occurred in the Vietnam War.
      I know the US executed Japanese officers for water-based torture of US personnel on the grounds that it is a war crime.

    2. I knew a VN vet who was in intelligence. They never got a word out of guys they shot in the face or pushed out of helicopters, but the VC were glad to share intelligence over a cup of hot coffee and some chocolate donuts. We note also
      the thousands of 'witches' that confessed under torture in the dark ages. The US CIA paid millions to a pair of psychologists to develop refined 'interrogation' short of
      death and for our money we got bizarre info such as Iran was
      full of chemical and biological weapons and on the verge of
      a nuclear arsenal (and a couple local kids buried at Arlington National Cemetery among the thousands of youngsters that died and were maimed 'protecting' us.
      And of course the GOP would bring back wars, prisoner abuse,
      faulty intelligence, etc. Worse yet, they would finish the
      destruction of worker unions, the transfer of what little wealth remains to the top 1% and the disgust of the rest of the world...and they have a loyal following.

    3. No argument from me, BB.
      The practical dimension:
      They’ll tell you anything to make you stop and that need have no relationship to what they really know.
      The moral dimension:
      Do you represent the side of civilisation and justice or not?
      And broad self-interest:
      In wars as yet unfought and even bearing no connection to the present one whatsoever, you have greatly imperilled your soldiers in the face of capture if yours is a country that is held to regard torture as standard procedure.
      In the First World War, POWs who were found to have used particular weapons, such as flamethrowers, were killed out of hand where they may not have been otherwise.

  2. It's war honey. Fight it your way and you will be living un Putin's rule.

    1. Okay. If Russia decides to invade Australia we'll torture a couple of them at random and see if they call it off.