28 Feb 2016

Following the Iranian nuclear deal

... a more moderate Iran?:

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani earned an emphatic vote of confidence and reformist partners secured surprise gains in parliament in early results from elections that could accelerate the Islamic Republic's emergence from years of isolation.

While gains by moderates and reformists in Friday's polls were most evident in the capital, Tehran, the sheer scale of the advances there suggests a legislature more friendly to Dr Rouhani has emerged as a distinct possibility.

A loosening of control by the anti-Western hardliners who currently dominate the 290-seat parliament could strengthen his hand to open Iran further to foreign trade and investment following last year's breakthrough nuclear deal....
The polls were seen by analysts as a potential turning point for Iran, where nearly 60 per cent of its 80 million population is under 30 and eager to engage with the world following the lifting of most sanctions."


So how does one deal with a country with whom you have problematic relations...?

'Undermine their government, enable maniacal insurgents and/or blow the shit out of them' - being the Right wing way of doing things.

Or you can give the majority hope of a future if they can get their leaders to co-operate.
60 per cent under 30... these people weren't born at the time of the hostage crisis. Many probably aren't up to having their own families yet, but would like to. If you can give them hope of a better life maybe we can all have a better world.

Oh and yeah....'thanks Obama'.


  1. Thanks for that link, Magpie. With the Trump show sucking all the oxygen out of our atmosphere here, I had forgotten about the Iranian election. That is truly some good news. These must be the moderates that the Reagan Gang was looking for.

    1. Thanks Kevin. I don’t know if there is a saying that holds that “history happens quietly” but maybe there should be. Troubling how our media has become a shadow play of paper cut-outs. In the years to come, thoughtful people will look back on this interval of Trump obsession and wince at how empty it was.

  2. Reminds me of another (long ago) middle east peace deal. Frederick II
    (1194-1250) King of Sicily and the German states, was a bit ahead of
    his times: Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Eunuchs comprised his court of philosophers and thinkers and he himself was fluent in six languages.
    Because Papal lands were astride his kingdom and because he confiscated the riches of bishops and abbots to distribute to the poor, he and the Church were greatly at odds. Excommunicated by
    Pope Gregory IX, young Frederick led the 6th Crusade (the previous
    four having lost almost the entire Holy Land). In a bizarre turn
    of events he found himself fighting with both Saracens AND papal troops upon landing in Palestine. So, using his understanding of
    Muslims and their language, he negotiated a settlement returning
    Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem, concluding one of the very few
    successful in a series of Crusades. All of which simply infuriated
    the papacy and Church hierarchy: while his supporters termed him
    'stupor mundi' (wonder of the world), the Catholics labeled him as
    the Son Of Satan. Frederick washed his hands of the affair and turned to social programs like eliminating the then current legal system of trial by ordeal, terming it irrational. The Pope soon
    managed to lose not only Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem, but almost all the Holy Land. Perhaps then, as now, the besting of
    stupidity and violence by understanding and intelligence led some
    to paraphrase Shakespeare- "Hell knoweth no fury like a conservative
    scorned" ?

    1. I'm more familiar with the earlier crusade era. I didn't know all this about Frederick II.
      Some things he is alleged to have done are rather disturbing, but overall he almost sounds proto-Renaissance in his curiosity and personal attainments.

    2. Agreed, Frederick II had his dark side. Considering he was the 14th in a long succession of Emperors, we note Voltaire-
      "The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an

  3. This really is good news, but I'm a bit worried what the US will do in the coming year, ESPECIALLY if the Trump clown somehow finds his way to the WH, and there's every indication that is a very strong likelihood, as there are still too many voters in the US who, for whatever reason, really dislike Hilary Clinton - leaving us with a true nightmare that will likely make Dubya seem like the man of the century and alienating the Iranians when we actually need them the most.

    The Trump scenario is becoming a very real problem looming on the horizon; this nation has quite a long list of unbelievable election results and it'll be a sad day that we couldn't mend to rift between the two nations.

    With their never-ending lust for war, the right simply elects anyone who will stir the world up into a giant hornet's nest. The bigger the buffoon, the more they love him/her.

    1. I’m still feeling an air of unreality about the Trump thing. Like it’s a freak-show the media are self-hypnotised into presenting.

      Surely ordinary Americans – bar those who go to his rallies or are into weird notions – are busy getting on with their lives, and are not quite sharing in the fascination..? Is it not partly a case of hate-speak porn. A dirty snowball of fascination for fascination’s sake.
      Nothing he has said offers anything that would materially improve their lives in any cash-on-the-table material sense.