21 Jan 2016

Palin waterboards the English language again

The Guardian newspaper, on Palin endorsing Trump:

"Palin totally falls apart and starts speaking as though a tiny man with a cattle prod is silently electrocuting her underneath her podium while she tries to finish her remarks. “Well, and then, funny, haha, not funny, but now, what they’re doing is wailing, ‘Well, Trump and his, uh, uh, uh, Trumpeters, they’re not conservative enough.’”

 Christopher Dorner’s manifesto made more sense than this. I haven’t seen a speech this bad since the first Police Academy movie.

“They didn’t want to talk about these issue until he brought ’em up. In fact, they’ve been wearing a, this, political correctness kind of like a suicide vest.”

  Never before has the idea of a suicide vest sounded more appealing. “So, all I have to do is press this button and the bad lady’s voice will go away? Please, God, sign me up.”


  1. I read her endorsement yesterday and it was enlightening? No, that's not the right word. Anyway, here she is blaming President Obama for her son's arrest the night before.

    Always classy. No, that's not the right word either. It must be antonym day.

    1. Her son threatened to blow his own head off, beat and terrified a girl in Palin's own home, but she has the time for an endorsement she had no need to give, to a man her religious followers hate. The product of her parenting is under arrest for what could easily have been murder, had he taken one more mental step, but she steals the angst of another generation returning from another war to say it's Obama's fault, speaking to people who pay lip service to the notion of personal responsibility...

    2. There's also the irony of Alaska being the state that leads by far all the others in suicide by gun and Palin's enthusiastic support for free and unfettered gun ownership. But that's another story.

  2. The only people who think what Palin says is important enough to print is media looking for readers/viewers and liberals looking for another Republican to make fun of. A waste of time since SHE DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL>

    1. I appreciate your disgust with the circus, Tom, but the Sarah Palin phenomenon - while she herself may be a vacuous self-seeking dunderhead – says something about what the political process has become, or what politics amounts to among some voters.
      If McCain had won, this creature would have been a stroke away from the launch codes. That does matter.
      It’s not that she shouldn’t matter that matters, what matters is that she shouldn’t matter yet does.

      Cruz and Trump are the front running candidates for a party whose intellectual core largely despises them. This is worse than 2008, it is truly the moment of the demagogue. This vile scrag had to come out in harmony to this deranged symphony of garbage sometime.

      I used to converse on the internet, back in 2008, with people who thought Palin was wonderful, among whom there’d be many who still do. That is a surreal experience.
      Most were cretins. Some were, in any practical sense, lunatics. But not all of them.
      There is a prolific Right wing blogger, a teacher of political science – Kevin knows of the guy I mean - who put a picture of Palin bottle feeding a baby on his blog with the words “she’s a great mom and she’ll be a great president”. Deadly serious.
      A professional educator - a widely read, ostensibly intelligent man with all day to talk and think about politics - wrote that. With total conviction.
      I ask.. how can that be? It’s the equivalent of an astronomer saying the moon is made of cheese. How does it happen?

  3. McCain lost partially because of Palin. Palin is a proven bimbo. Palin matters nothing in this race. Palin followers are such a small number, it's laughable that Democrats are bringing her up, but hey, I enjoy a good laugh, as long as you are not serious about her public blathering having any effect at all. But seeing as the liberals are all writing about Palin, they must think she matters, which is laughable to me that liberals are so afraid of her.

    1. If Trump thought that religious conservatives – or whoever Palin once appealed to – would re-assess him based on Palin being at his side… then he was mistaken, although that said he would pick up a few stray votes and lose nothing, so in that sense it was only to his advantage.
      The only person the religious conservatives would re-assess would be Palin, and there is this weird narrative out there that she has ‘changed’, which I think is utterly self-deceiving.

      Nor do I truck with this notion that talking about Palin is somehow a ‘liberal’ failing.
      Democrats would not bring her up if Republicans hadn’t put her out there in the first place. Or if other Right wing platforms did not give her a job.
      Liberals did not go to Alaska, drag her away from her element and put her in a position where she is hopelessly out of her depth and everything she says is a work of art in incoherence.
      We didn’t buy her bio or attended her public appearances.
      She’s not ‘our’ fault.
      She’s THERE. In all her total dipshit glory. Right next to the guy who might well be the Republican candidate. Silence in observing this fact is not really an option.

  4. I have deleted Tom's two last comments because they are just personal insults. Just that, nothing else.
    If anyone thinks I'm wrong... fine and say why. If you've decided you don't like me... then don't come here. Not complicated.
    Have a nice day.