13 Jan 2016

Nostalgia time for Magpie - David Bowie and Doug Ashdown

"Police in Sapporo, Hokkaido on Tuesday arrested an unemployed 25-year-old man on suspicion of violating the Firearms and Sword Control Law after he threatened to kill himself with a box cutter because he was distraught over the death of British singer David Bowie." - Japan Today

Suicide is honourable in Japan. Good thing the only guns are in the hands of police and gangsters.

I saw David Bowie in concert in the Serious Moonlight tour of Australia in 1983. I was still at school.
Videos for two songs, Let's Dance and China Girl, were made in Australia - I hadn't seen either for decades and had no idea till I read that today.

But I'm not going to go with a Bowie song.

This is Winter in America by Doug Ashdown.
Not remarked on often these days, but I remember this artist's music very well, and I think the collective memory is sometimes false about what we once listened to.

"The harbour's misty in the morning love, oh, how I miss December
The frangipani opens up to kiss the salty air..."

That's Sydney. But the song is sung in far away America, for a love long gone...


  1. That was a great song and nice images, Magpie. I had to look up frangipani, tho. My first thought was frangipane and that made no sense at all. It made me feel old to realize Bowie was 69. Time happens.

    There's a group on a station I listen to who are called The Avalanches. Are they popular in Australia? the song I hear from them is called Frontier Psychiatrist. It's closer to Bowie than Doug Ashdown.

    Hope your weather's cooling down and the camel has recovered.

    1. I'm not the most music-savvy person but I haven't heard of The Avalanches, no...
      Yesterday was sweltering and it was hard to sleep last night, but today alright, thanks.

  2. I'm to old for this conversation of rock idol worship.

    1. It's just the sounds of the times, Tom. The soundtrack of our lives. If you keep your memories close... it probably means you've had a good life.
      Or that's how I see it.
      I had a tough day and I needed to mellow out. I'll be back to grumpy blogging in no time.