3 Jan 2016

Militia Takeover in Oregon

Armed insurgents have taken over a US government building, stating their preparedness to engage in lethal violence.

Oh wait... ! It's a bunch of white rednecks.
Someone send out for burgers, hot chocolate and fluffy slippers, they're probably getting cold in there.

"Burns residents confront militia over fears of violence"

How dare they do that in their own town, out of fear for the safety of their families! Don't they know if you're white and have guns you can come in and do whatever you want?

"In stunning collapse, Oregon Ducks lose Alamo Bowl"

... oh sorry... that was actually the sports news...

Meanwhile in other recent police news from around the country, we wrap up the case of a 12 year old child who was shot dead for being in possession of a toy at a recreation centre while black, after being indulged with a generous 2-3 seconds to respond to hails by police officers.

The officer/victim who shot the boy - previously found unfit for duty and recommended for dismissal at another police department, and rejected by four others - has been found to have no case to answer by a grand jury.

The parents of the slain toy-wielder have been accused by the country prosecutor of having "economic motives" for expecting justice for their child, and found guilty.

Good night and God bless America.


  1. I hope the government kills everyone of them. I'm sick of these criminals hiding behind their interpretation of the 2nd A.

  2. The only good news in the Oregon debacle is that a lot of the people that live there want these fucks to go away, too. Half the citizenry there work for the government I saw in one article.

  3. Tom, Kevin,

    At times like this, I get a barf bag ready and dive into the comments thread of a Right wing idiot blog or two...

    Here is a sample:
    “They need to handle this carefully. The media and the lefties are just itching to paint them as right wing terrorists. They need to explain calmly and rationally what they are protesting and how this is all about government excess and over reach.”

    The media… so far as I can see and with few exceptions, are just itching to downplay this entire event as much as possible.
    Hence the edited ABC brief pictured in my post.

    If you read “Peaceful protest followed by Oregon wildlife refuge action” with no other supporting presentation… would you not infer something in the order of a half dozen environmentalists concerned about the impact of a new road on the habitat of some endangered bird, and then wonder what’s for dinner?

    If it occurs to someone – anyone - that they might be regarded as people engaged in terrorism… cannot they dwell for a few minutes on just why that might be?

    “They need to explain calmly and rationally” YES. Which be definition does not mean taking over a government building by force of arms – because that’s what terrorists do.

    As I pointed out at the time of the Cliven Bundy bullshit festival:
    In all the free and advanced world ONLY THE US AUTHORITIES THESE PEOPLE CLAIM TO DESPISE would give them this much air.

    You hijacked a building with threats of using firearms. There is no sunny side to that. No mitigating factors. It’s way past tea NOW.
    If it’s not domestic – i.e. some deranged wife-beater - but an organised armed group with a political manifesto… that gets elevated to SASR in Australia or their equivalent in another country. And those guys are not coming to arrest people.

    The sheer incongruence of someone like this getting away with stuff like this talking about HOW OPPRESSED THEY ARE is utterly surreal.

  4. Oregon consists of a fertile forested coastal strip, with most of the remaining state a high cold desert. Malheur (Fr-misfortune)is a sparsely populated large alkali sink. The area seems to have an attraction for
    The locals, hardy and independent, are not fond of the Federal government, which is responsible for the nationa forest to the north and the wildlife refuges around Burns, OR. Nor are they fond of armed outsiders trying to take over. Should prove interesting. Methinks
    the Neanderthal gunslingers will grow bored with the terrain (think, maybe Alice Springs?), the cold local reception and the patience of the
    local, state and federal law enforcement folks. This history of the US
    has its squatters problems and that is precisely what the Bundy and their ilk are.

    1. Fence them in and call it a prison.

  5. The nut jobs now say they will kill and die before they give up. Their 15 seconds is over, take them out!

  6. BB, Alice Springs is a resort of sorts but I get what you mean.

    Tom, the problem with force is that if one or more of these losers does get killed they will become a redneck legend - and then sooner or later another Timothy McVeigh will kill a hundred people in revenge.
    That’s a complication I don’t have to speak to when I talk about what would happen in my country…

    When bad stuff happens here we mourn – but some other cerebral process goes on down the back alleys of ideology in your land. I’m fascinated but… it’s a different branch of Western civilization to mine, and I struggle to grasp it at times. Which is why I really appreciate you guys letting me know how you see it.

    1. When crime gets out of hand, it's time to crack down. It's time to come down on guns and these militia nuts. I take offense they claim to be REAL patriots. The bird sanctuary they occupy is 100 years old, TR set it up. Why this place? Why not Yucca Mountain? Your McVeigh comparison might be true, but if we don't let them know they can't do such things, you will have thousands of McVeigh's.

    2. McVeigh is not a subject I would bring up with redneck losers, no, but I'm just pointing out that none of these things will stand in isolation. What happens here will flow into a narrative. It might - nay, WILL - be an entirely bullshit narrative, but someone will act on it.

    3. I agree with you completely on the use of force Magpie - I think, for once, the Feds are handling this very smartly, ignoring them like an obnoxious kid tugging at your coattails.

      If the Feds act, there WILL be casualties, there's no doubt about it. The idiots with their AR-15s and handguns are itching to make a name for themselves and they don't give a shit who gets killed in the process.

      Remember the Bundy show here in Nevada? When one of the retards recommended they put the women and children in the from. That way, when the Police start shooting, they will die first and the Feds will take heat?

      The Feds learned a valuable lesson at Ruby Ridge and Waco and they're not about to repeat it at Bunkerville or Burns. Even IF they succeeded in taking out the morons with snipers and caused no other harm, the nation would erupt in violence with the gun nuts.

      NOW, we have a very real and serious problem due to federal inaction on firearms. In a nation literally awash with guns and the NRA heating the idiots up with their rhetoric? What to do?????

  7. Americans are unique (odd, confused, victims of theDunning-Kruger Effect and/or lacking in critical thinking skills: to the extent that many consider 'constitutional rights as applying to themselves only. The rights of others do not count. Consider the followers of Donald Trump, the minions of the NRA and the sprinkling of crackpot militias. Should the nonsense continue,
    you may have to open the outback to millions of Americans seeking political asylum. :)

    1. Oh I don't think it will come to that.

    2. Good point about constitutional rights BB. It's almost impossible to show them the error in their logic - they have the "constitutional" right to carry firearms, despite the fact that it infringes on the very "natural" right to life without the fear of being gunned down. The former can and should be rescinded and the latter cannot be.

      I've been in so many arguments about the difference between these rights it's grown pointless. It's like trying to show a kid they are lying when they know they are, but refuse to admit it.