30 Jan 2016

A study in contrasts

The former prime minister, Tony Abbott, who slid into power after the debacle of leadership tensions in the now opposition, dumped by his own party for being an embarrassment to Australia, is now off to the United States to give a speech to some Right-wing Christian fundamentalist rabble about same sex marriage (his own sister is gay) and abortion. Said rabble are also involved in the action against Planned Parenthood, naturally.

Because Abbott apparently has nothing more important to do, closer to home.

Meanwhile... this is his replacement, the present prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, of the same conservative political party - not long back from talking to Obama and touring Afghanistan and Iraq - taking a moment to talk to a surprised homeless man as he walked the streets of Melbourne in between meetings..

"Mr Kerswell, originally from Queensland, has been on Melbourne's streets for four months, since his partner died.
"She had diabetes type 1, had a hypo [hypoglycaemic attack, or plunging blood sugar] when she was asleep,  went into a coma and she never woke up," he said.
"The lease was in my partner's name and I couldn't afford to keep it up alone when she died."
He sleeps in a tent "on a bit of ground where I feel safe" not far from the city, and hopes to start a job offered by a charity next week.
"I don't like living like this. I'm like everyone I've ever spoken to who's like this – I never thought it would happen to me," Mr Kerswell said...
He never thought the Prime Minister of Australia would stop and shake his hand and have a chat either."

About Abbott's little God-club meeting... Turnbull merely said Abbott has the right to speak as he wishes.
Which he does...
... and to hang himself in the eyes of the public in case he ever dreams of causing Turnbull trouble again, I shouldn't wonder...


  1. Tis a bit surprising that an Australian would want to meet with and address US Christianity's Neanderthal wing . Their goals seem to be to control
    the government and impose their own "moral' values and they have considerable clout, including a large group of lawyers. Perhaps Tony is aware of the goals of the folks he is addressing:
    "..the website for ADF’s Blackstone Legal Fellowship stated that the “Alliance Defending Freedom seeks to recover the robust Christendomic theology of the 3rd, 4th and 5th century”. Perhaps
    for them...the rest of us call that the Dark Ages for good reason.

    1. Thanks for that BB. I wish more of that sort of content was spelt out in commercial media here about just who Abbott dallies with.

      The public never liked Abbott particularly but they gave him the benefit of the doubt. Foolishly. However quite soon into his first term – which he never got to complete – they started to feel he was a buffoon.
      But he’s more than a buffoon. He’s dangerous, politically. Offensive to the secular, open and un-militarised society we’ve built here.
      But being largely disinterested in ideology, the public are also semi-blind to culture war and ideological warriors. It’s too abstract for most people, and part of that is down to it never being properly spelt out by commercial media, who play softball on anything related to political extremism unless it’s radical Islam.
      And the bastard won’t go away. And he’s doing this crap on our dime.

  2. I fear we're headed for our own Abbottic Buffoon in the White House with Donald Trump. Some very strong similarities there.

    1. Except Abbott wants to be close to God while Trump wants to fire him, and you have nukes - we have spiders.