23 Jan 2016

A passing summary on Trump

I have said Trump is a disaster for US conservatism.
I don't like them much.... but they agree with me on that:

I’ve said Trump will get the nomination. I still think that is likely.
The degree to which the Republican party implodes after that is hard to say.

I still think Clinton will get by Sanders.
And then it will be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.
And he will lose. Hillary will be president. And then the dark money will be after him with the mother of all grudges.


  1. Sadly, I think you're right on the spot Magpie. He's done well so far, but Sanders is not a mainstream politician, therefore, has no chance against the established elite. Trump's mouth is going to haunt him for many year after all his negative comments, like he's indestructible.

  2. Trump's offensive bluster only got him 2nd place in Iowa. As even the most troglodytic conservatives find that the "Emperor's New Cloths" are transparent, he may begin to fade. At least we can hope.

  3. Second place after a intellectually barren religious maniac. But yeah... I thought he'd get just one huge humiliation LATER, so maybe I haven't called it entirely right.