19 Dec 2015


Murdoch press:
"Heatwave: Victoria, SA bushfire fears, ‘iconic’ areas threatened"

Fairfax press:
"If the temperature holds at 28 or above it will provide a new record for overnight temperatures in December. The previous record was set on Christmas Eve 2012 when the temperature clung to 27.4 degrees."

No direct contradiction there. So what is this cranky black and white bird getting at?

See if you can work it out, but in case you think I think the Murdoch press hasn't noticed something, they do add...

"Mother Nature was cranky in 2015 - As the clean-up continues from the Sydney tornado, Adelaide and Melbourne are sweltering in an unprecedented heatwave, rounding out a year of extreme weather. 2015 saw some of the most extreme weather events Australia has ever seen".

Yes indeed. Funny that eh?



  1. The converter I found gave me 82.4 F. That's toasty for overnight temps. Had snow here for the first time this season. Not a lot. Covered the ground anyway and is mostly gone now. Still dreaming of a white Christmas.

  2. Given the last few winters of wildfires there, one would think the fuel and tinder gone in many places. In my area of Idaho, USA, were were surrounded by wildfires this last summer. To the extent that all trained US firecrews were on the line. Australia sent a couple of fire
    teams that landed at our local airport and were in the area for a few weeks. Hopefully, we can return the favor!

  3. Kevin, the first time I ever saw snow I was 22 and it was overseas. I still love summer. Most of the time it's great.

    BB, yes I heard about those wildfires. It gets wide reportage here.
    We haven’t reached the peak bushfire season here yet, that’s usually in January, high summer.
    The fuel is all back. We’re at a time between droughts. A lot of work has been done on reduction but that only goes so far.