17 Dec 2015

Things that make sense when rich people are involved

"A Saudi millionaire has been cleared of raping a teenager after claiming he might have accidentally penetrated the 18-year-old when he tripped and fell on her.... "

and left his semen in her...

On the off chance you have any doubts... you will be relieved to know the jury spent all of 30 minutes before they decided this was, actually, an entirely credible story, and could happen to anyone.

Anyone who makes do with a 2000-dollar-a-night table at an exclusive London West End club and drives an Aston Martin.


Now if you went and read the detail you might have something to say about the circumstances leading up to it - which inevitably are equal to comment on the conduct of the girl - but that's not the point. The speed at which a serious allegation, backed by DNA evidence, goes away... is the point.

I just don't feel it all would have gone the same if the accused had been a factory worker from Hackney. At the very least, would Bill the average citizen of the United Kingdom not feel that more than normal process happened here?
What am I implying? Nothing but the justness of the question: what indeed does stuff like this imply? 

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