8 Dec 2015

The Rightist principle of war: 'Betray your fellow citizens (and others who are completely innocent)'

I'm going to do something I don't often do.... I'm going to quote a comment (not a post) from someone else's blog.

At first I thought it might be satire but I've encountered the commenter before....

This comment appears to be in reaction to the moronic Trump idea of excluding people from entering the USA on basis of religion. I don't think I need to go into all the obvious reasons why that would be unconstitutional, unjust and extremely counter-productive... (and wouldn't work) but this is what someone who pretends to decency and intellect has to say about it (emphasis as per source):

"....and REMEMBER how FDR responded to the JAP Threat. He took immediate DRACONIAN action as a means of trying to PREVENT further treachery from the little yellow people with slanted eyes. He got them OUT of CIRCULATION and put them where they were heavily MONITORED. He did not, however, MURDER them. NO ONE QUESTIONED the INTERNMENT of the NISEI at the time, EXCEPT faux-humanitarian radical leftist lunatics, of course, and no one paid any attention to THEM back then. We WON that war. We will NOT win THIS one. We are done and we might as well be dead."

I don't need to remind most people, I'm sure, that Japanese Americans served their country on the frontline in that war, to disproportionate cost in casualties, in among the most decorated of units in the war, even as their parents were in internment, and no material act of sabotage was ever committed by a Japanese American on home soil, and that German and Italian Americans were never subjected to the same treatment.

This is how hard Right wingers think about defending their country, which of course only belongs to people exactly like them (or at least similar in appearance), in their view - by the systematic betrayal of their fellow citizens, laced with pure bigotry, advocating group punishment for deeds committed by other individuals, and a tangential settling of political scores with their ideological opposition.
Oh... And immediate defeatism for not having their vile hatreds appeased. No faith in his own country at all. What does he even imagine? That Islamic State will conquer New York by Christmas?

This person is himself a traitor. A traitor to what his country is meant to stand for, For what civilisation is meant to mean.

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