21 Dec 2015

Pete Seeger in WW2

'The more things change the more they stay the same'.

I came across this and just had to post it. Think about it in context of the Trumpism of targeting Muslim Americans.
By chance this forms a thematic sequel of sorts to a recent post.

The rest of it is here.

"As U.S. Army Pvt. Pete Seeger eagerly waited for a chance to fight for his country during World War II, military investigators quietly built a case that the young folk singer was “potentially subversive.”

 In a security investigation triggered by a wartime letter he wrote denouncing a proposal to deport all Japanese-Americans, the army intercepted Seeger’s mail to his fiancee, scoured his school records, talked to his father, interviewed an ex-landlord and questioned his pal, Woody Guthrie, according to FBI files obtained by The Associated Press.

 Investigators concluded that Seeger’s association with known communists and his Japanese-American fiancee pointed to a risk of divided loyalty....

“We’re fighting precisely to free the world of such Hitlerism, such narrow jingoism,” Seeger wrote.

What followed was a wide-ranging probe by the military into Seeger’s background.
Investigators found that Seeger — referred to as the “Subject” — was “intensely loyal at this time” and eager to be transferred overseas from Mississippi to fight fascism.

But they didn’t like the company he kept."

Just think.... had he been KKK, they'd have probably let him go.


  1. Nixon continued having Seeger spied on by the FBI during the Vietnam war.

  2. I didn't know that, but it doesn't surprise me.

  3. Nixon cut his teeth as a member of Joe McCarthy's communist witch hunt
    committee. He was so satisfied with the Hollywood blacklist, that when
    president, he continued to keep several 'enemies' lists, egged on by
    the sycophantic Henry Kissinger. The CIA even turned down several 'assignments', forcing him to hire thugs for the Watergate break in. Whatta guy!

  4. Fascinatingly horrifying character, Nixon. Still... wouldn't mind hearing why the CIA turned down thug-work.