31 Dec 2015

Comparison of fatal shootings by police in USA to England/Wales, Australia, Germany

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(statistics from 2011) source:

Importantly for context the population bases are different, the USA has 319 million, England & Wales 56 million, 81 million, Australia 23 million.

The precise US number is much higher than indicated here. The Guardian reports it going past 1000 in 2015 if death by other means is included. source

But if the US rate was half what the Guardian reports then you it still means you are about 6 times more likely to be shot by a cop in the US than in Australia (adjusting for population).

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  1. And much of those murders have been committed against unarmed citizens. The police are being militarized in this nation beyond the speed of light. And, if you're a military, you must have an enemy to fight. Right?

    The assholes have non-lethal tasers; why in hell is their firearm their first choice of weapon in dealing with people who are no threat?