1 Aug 2015

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt – infamous Right wing columnist and hater of anything celebrating the oldest culture on Earth - defends himself for defending people who vilify an aboriginal footballer.

And the angle about which he goes about this? Oh it’s all about poor Andrew Bolt….

Highlights of his whine for the Herald Sun:

“I’m not “rightwing” but conservative.”

Got that? He’s not Right-wing, he just calls everything bad in our society “the Left”, day in day out.
'I'm not a breeze, I'm merely the wind'

“I did not say Goodes was wrong to “stand up” to a girl racially abusing him, but wrong to so publicly humiliate a child barely out of primary school”

He pointed to a member of the crowd that abused him during a match – his place of work – without the slightest idea of her age.   

“identified on national television”

Goodes did not do that. He is a footballer, not a media executive or a news editor or a cameraman.

“I have repeatedly made clear Goodes is been cheered and encouraged and supported by too many people”

‘is being’ not ‘is been’.
Proof-read your bile please, Bolt.
 I shoot my mouth off on the internet to nearly no-one for nothing. You on the other hand are a paid ‘journalist’.

"The AFL, for instance, should have known better."

Oh oh oh… it’s not the fault of racists anymore? Apparently it’s the entire league now (except members of it who are racist presumably)

“I ... supported his criticism of Eddie McGuire for likening him to King Kong”

For which Bolt later wrote a column apologising to McGuire. I remember.
McGuire by the way never deliberately likened Goodes to King Kong. He said something else entirely, as Bolt knows full well, but Bolt is a continuously subtle liar.

“I said that if Goodes wanted to be a truly uniting figure - “a superstar” - he could say he did overreact, without ceding the principle of calling out racism.”

“overreact” – they only way Goodes could possibly have reacted less was to not react at all.
“I say only that making aggressive race-based gestures to a crowd is inflammatory.”

Total crap. He made a celebration after having just goaled during the indigenous round which is held for the express purpose of celebrating indigenous Australian culture. What do you expect him to do? A waltz?
And only a racist by ideology would call that a ‘race-based gesture’. Bolt truly reveals himself with that phrase.
Now of course... as everything in this world is put here for the purpose of being an opportunity for Bolt push his RIGHT-WING agenda, he ends everything with his other favourite topic, the ABC, because a prime target of Right-wingers the world over is, inevitably, public broadcasting:

“I won’t repeat some of the astonishingly abusive and defamatory comments that the ABC has published about me on Facebook. But surely the ABC should not be using taxpayers’ money to vilify people like this.”

Which – as he fails to clarify – we have to assume are comments made not by the ABC precisely, but by the public, as is their right, in the interests of the ‘free speech’ Bolt so gloriously trumpets only when standing up for neo-Nazis and … ah… himself. This reference to the ABC is left dangling to give the impression someone paid by the ABC wrote them, because Bolt is a liar, and nothing has purpose to him other than to feed his ideological narcissism.
But the tide is coming in and Bolt is going to be left standing on a very small island over this. His own newspaper is at least tacitly editorially supportive of Goodes, which is something considering it is a Murdoch paper. The entire league is supportive of Goodes. Vast swaths of the public are supportive of Goodes.
Bolt, as usual, just wants it all to be about Bolt.

Well he gets his wish. This post was all about Bolt.

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