21 Jul 2015

The Far Right in Australia gets a pass

The other day two groups of protesters clashed – one a group of neo-Nazis and their splinter factions, and the other a loose collection of people taking a stand against racism. There were scuffles and the police used pepper spray. 

Unlike most of the media I have actually looked at this group’s website and found out what they stand for.

They are not merely opposed to radical Islam. They are religious fanatics, referencing YHWH constantly, and anti-capitalist as well as anti-communist (and therefore fascist by economic definition).
They are an Aussie bogan version of Aryan Nations without some of the theatrics, and pathetically small in number.

So small in fact I think it was counter-productive to counter-protest because it let the media off the hook. It actually enabled sections of it to say anti-Racists are just as bad as neo-Nazis – which is perversely absurd.  

But that is a failing of the media not the anti-Racism protesters. They did what not enough people have done in the past. That it was arguably counter-productive speaks to a crisis of truth in those who investigate and present ‘the news’. In short… sections of the media are complicit with evil at is most banal.

Finally I read an article today in a non-Murdoch publication that calls it as it was and is:

“… There were skirmishes with police and with skinheads, and  a pepper-spray drenching by police that left dozens of demonstrators in need of medical attention. I reached the crowd at the top of a Little Bourke Street that resembled a war zone, streaming with the milk and water being poured by volunteer medics into burning eyes, and those suffering shock shivering in trauma blankets. Less than an hour later, the medics themselves were pepper-sprayed by police. The actions of the demonstrators were howled down in certain news sources (Murdoch), with familiar depictions of the protesters as an anarchist rabble and scum (they either invented or appropriated "Socialist anarchist” for the article I read). The resilience in the face of hostility demonstrated by a crowd that included a full spectrum of activists, hipsters, Christian pacifists, blue-collar workers, students and professionals should make every citizen in this city proud to be a Melburnian and every right-thinking Australian thankful that on Saturday they took one for the team.”

 And on the other side, held in total equivalence by the Herald Sun and some of its dooling moron commenter-readers:

“Bearing banners that opposed "non-white immigration" to Australia, and members who brandished swastikas, the groups had promised "the biggest patriot rally in Australian history" in advance of Saturday and promoted it with Facebook videos celebrating the 2007 murder of an anti-fascist teenager by a skinhead in Spain.”

But of course... for the Herald Sun, that is totally is no worse than hipsters or Christian pacifists….
Yesterday my daughter went the Holocaust Museum for a school excursion and spoke to a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, now a very old lady but no older than my daughter when she escaped and hid in a makeshift tunnel under a house outside the city. On the other side of the world and a long lifetime later… I wonder what she would make of the media complicity, the false objectivity, in saying those who oppose Nazism are no better than Nazis.

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