5 Jul 2015

Squawking at the newspapers

“Barnaby Joyce says legalising same-sex marriage risks us being seen as 'decadent' in Asia”

Oh now you care what the rest of the world thinks. It’s actually not an issue of international relations, you dipshit.
It doesn’t have anything to do with trade, immigration or national security. Or you – so get out of the way.

And which part of Asia are you talking about, Barn? North Korea? Their people aren’t allowed to think. Japan? They’re well on the way to legalising it themselves. China has no screaming fits about it either. The only people in Asia who might have a problem are religious crackpots.

“A North Korean scientist involved in the regime's biological and chemical weapons programs has defected, apparently with evidence of tests on human subjects.”

Yet we’re too decadent to do that.

And now on to the arch-twit Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun: we need a royal commission into the sexual abuse of children. The air must be cleared. (alright then…) Yet this royal commission called by the Prime Minister already risks going badly off the rails and becoming not a force for good, but of cultural destruction (huh…?) Here are the… dangers: It becomes an anti-Catholic crusade. Many in the largely anti-clerical media want to use this excuse to smash a church which lectures on modesty, duty, faithfulness and other fun-killers."

An “anti-Catholic crusade”… That’s kind of like an anti-Islamic Jihad ? Actually people just want priests to stop being able to rape children and get away with it. You can have your modesty, Andrew, if you ever find it. Meanwhile, as always, go fuck yourself.

And more from the same incisive and investigative Murdoch rag: “The first clue that Sarah Harris was pregnant came in the form of an ill-fitting bra, TV host reveals”

Gee I bet that changed your world.

The Japan Times reports: “This year marks the 50th anniversary of Gestapu, the murky events in Indonesia that precipitated a massacre of several hundred thousand people in 1965-66 that constitutes one of the most murderous convulsions of the 20th century.”

About that “decadent” thing Barn…

Meanwhile in Texas…

“And now, Gov. Greg Abbott, has sparked controversy — even among fellow Republicans — with his appointment of a new chair of the Texas Board of Education, which is charged with setting policy and standards for the state’s public schools. Abbott tapped Donna Bahorich, a Republican from Houston who has been on the board for two years and who home-schooled her three sons before sending them to private schools. They never went to Texas public schools".

Never met a fairy she didn't believe in either, I bet.


  1. Isn't it utterly amazing? How the ultra-religious, right-wing pukes are always the most reprehensible, self-righteous, uncaring, and inhumane?

    I've always, well not "always," but at least since I woke up, contended that all religions actively and purposely incite hatred for all those who don't accept their ideology. And, the do it very skillfully.

    It's almost as though they realize their stupidity and rather than exert the effort to change, they find it easier to condemn those who chose to think for themselves; a good basis for their juvenile schoolyard antics and abuse.

    1. "ultra-religious, right-wing pukes are always the most reprehensible, self-righteous, uncaring, and inhumane"

      Because they've given up the work, the effort, the responsibility of being a mature ethical human being...and said

      'my imaginary friend and this book of fairy tales does all that for me'.