17 Jul 2015

Get rid of Bronwyn Bishop

The speaker is required to exercise impartiality....

Bronwyn Bishop has ejected members of the opposition versus members of her own party to the tune of 400 to 7.

In addition to impartiality the speaker must demonstrate propriety....

In 2014 she blew $309,000 on overseas travel. She is not a minister for defence, trade, immigration or international relations. She is the speaker. There is no justification for this.
$88,000 of that was a trip to Europe in pursuit of a another job, which says something about how she regards the one she has now.

She has used the speaker’s office for party fund raisers.

Now she has used a taxpayer funded chopper to cover a distance I could drive in an hour... to make a grand entrance at yet another party fund raiser, and signed off on a form that said it was official business.


And remember....


  1. Sounds like a peach of a person. Is there any chance they'll remove her? Are they going to investigate the overseas expenses too, or just the chopper ride?

    1. Department of Finance will determine whether a police investigation will go ahead.
      She can fail in the spirit of both her duties and appropriate use of taxpayers money but proving something technically criminal is another matter.
      The conservatives in government have no want to get rid of her because – apart from being one of theirs - she is enabling them at every turn to avoid questions and silence criticism in what is meant to be an open Parliamentary process.

      So that little meme I added at the end where Abbott was talking about another speaker will not necessarily apply now he has one who is serving his government's interests so spectacularly.